About Marblehead Special Education PAC- MHD SEPAC

Our Mission

The mission of Marblehead Special Education Parent Advisory Council (MHD SEPAC) is the understanding of, respect for and support of all children with special needs in the community.  MHD SEPAC works to:

  • Promote better understanding between parents / guardians and school officials.
  • Advise the Director of Special Education Services and the School Committee on operations and development of special education programs, parent & teacher training needs, and help to develop policy.
  • Promote communication between MHD SEPAC members, local, State and National organizations, councils and groups.
  • Provide informational forums to parents, educators, students and professionals.
  • Promote communication and awareness within the community to encourage understanding, acceptance and inclusion.


Click here for MHD SEPAC bylaws


Steven Alexander – Chair: salexander.mhdsepac@gmail.com

Meagan Taylor – Chair: mtaylor.mhdsepac@gmail.com

MHD SEPAC Board of Directors

Jennifer Jackson – Secretary: jjackson.mhdsepac@gmail.com

Jason Glass – Treasurer: jglass.mhdsepac@gmail.com

Amy Carnavale – Officer: acarnevale.mhdsepac@gmail.com

Cindy Loewen – Officer: cdtloewen@aol.com

Melissa Davis – Officer: mdavis.mhdsepac@gmail.com

Mary Dow – Officer: mdow.mhdsepac@gmail.com

Brian Birke – Officer: bbirke.mhdsepac@gmail.com

Kate Baily – Officer: kroeser.mhdsepac@gmail.com

Scott Solberg – Officer: ssolberg.mhdsepac@gmail.com





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